Let’s Start Again, Shall We?

Let's Start Again, Shall We? - 1

Product Details

L’Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer
L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24H Matte Cover Foundation (230 Radiant Honey)
Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser Concealer (01 Light)
Revolution Luxury Powder (Banana)
Benefit Cosmetics Hello Happy Velvet Powder Foundation (5 Medium Neutral Warm)
Revolution Ultra Bronze
Benefit Cosmetics Rockateur
theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

Benefit Cosmetics ka-BROW! (06 Deep)
Benefit Cosmetics 3D BROWtones (04 Medium Deep)

KIKO Milano Neutral Eye Base
Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Waterproof Eyeliner
Illamasqua Demise Palette
Benefit Cosmetics Daily Darling Lash
Duo Striplash Adhesive (White Clear)
Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash
Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Tinted Primer

Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Liner (Tiramisu)

Let's Start Again, Shall We? - 2

Let's Start Again, Shall We? - 3

Let's Start Again, Shall We? - 4

Let's Start Again, Shall We? - 5

Well, this is awkward…

When I started this blog, I wasn’t expecting my second post to be published two years after the first one, but it seems that a mixture of self-doubt and procrastination ended up getting the better of me, and now here we are.

So, what’s changed in the period between my first blog post and this one?  Well, I don’t work for Benefit Cosmetics anymore – I’m now the Front of House at a hair and beauty salon.  This change in career has meant that I haven’t been playing around with make up as much as I used to – even my momentum as a freelancer has dwindled, and I’ve got to say, I’m missing it…so here I am with a make up post!  I’m hoping that doing this on the regular will fill the huge make up void I’ve been feeling for so long – we’ll see eh?

See you next Sunday (hopefully).

Kiran Raj

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